Freshworks: Residency + Showing + Workshop

Freshworks is KST’s creative residency for artists and collaborators based in the greater Pittsburgh region. Freshworks made its debut in 2013 and supports playful exploration in performance through interdisciplinary work in contemporary dance, theater, music, and multimedia. The program provides artists with planning support and guidance, studio space, production staff, lighting and sound design, and encouragement for creative risk taking.

2021 Freshworks Residents

Clara Kent & ian Brill, Aura:Reimagined, Friday-Saturday, December 3-4, 8:00pm



For Spring 2022, KST is continuing to retool the program in an effort to better support artists. This round, individual artists are invited to apply for a residency to develop and present a project of their own creation. Applicants are no longer required to apply with a collaborator of a different discipline. However, both solo artists and collaborative pairs/collectives are welcome to apply. For collaborative groups, please choose a lead artist to fill out the application on the group’s behalf.

Each residency will take place over a two-month period. 

The first month is for planning the in-studio residency and showing. During this time, each artist will meet weekly with KST Staff to schedule residency hours and plan for the artist’s production week. The first month is also an opportunity for the artist to utilize the outside perspectives of KST’s Programming Team; the intention is that KST Staff is present to pose questions that can help the artist think through the ideas they are working with in the piece. The second month is focused on in-studio creation of a 30-minute work-in-progress performance. This work-in-progress performance is an opportunity for the artist to experiment and test early iterations of ideas in front of an audience with the goal that at the end of the process, they will have valuable insight into further developing the work. 

The residency will culminate in a two-night in-person presentation at KST’s Alloy Studios, which includes showing the work-in-progress and a Q & A with the audience.

Freshworks program guidelines


Applications open: Thursday,  November 4, 2021 
Freshworks Spring 2022 Information Session: November 18, 2021 
Applications close: Wednesday, November 24, 2021, 11:59pm 
Residencies will be announced in mid-December

Through Freshworks, KST will:

  • Provide artists with space, financial resources, and administrative support to develop and/or take new risks with a work through collaboration, exploration, and experimentation.
  • Encourage artists to explore their ideas and work within the context of a community-minded performing arts center. 
  • Bring artists into a dynamic community of creative practitioners.
  • Engage and educate our audience about the creation process of new artistic work and to facilitate their feedback for the artist’s development of the work. 
  • Share a work-in-progress performance followed by a Q & A with feedback from an audience.
  • Create pathways for the presentation and touring of contemporary performance.

Freshworks Artists Will:

  • Participate in a program orientation with the KST Programming team and sign a residency agreement committing to make full use of their allocated time and resources and participation in proposed residency activities. 
  • Be granted a two-month residency based on dates selected through their application. Artists must schedule and complete their residency during their granted timeframe.
  • Take the initiative throughout the process to brainstorm, plan, and execute how they will use their time and resources during the residency. The artist will be responsible for communicating these ideas to the KST staff in a timely manner.
  • Present a 30-minute work in progress performance followed by Q & A with the audience for two nights.

Freshworks Artists Will Receive:

  • A two-month residency at KST’s Alloy Studios
  • 80 hours of in-studio time at Alloy Studios
  • Two showings of their 30 minute work-in-progress piece, with audience Q & A after
  • 16 hours of technical rehearsal with two crew members
  • A $1,000 honorarium, paid in $500 installments
  • A $1,500 resource budget
  • Photo and video documentation of one night’s showing
  • Consultations with KST Staff throughout the residency

Interested in applying and have questions about the program or the application? Please email KST’s Programming Manager, Chanel Blanchett, at

Past Participants 

Livefromthecity & Sheryland Neal | Ty Greenwood & Cherish Morgan | Luke Murphy | slowdanger | Mark Conway Thompson | Anthony Williams | Alan Obuzor | Anqwenique Wingfield | Jasmine Hearn | Alisha Wormsley | Bill Shannon | Jennifer Meridian and Hannah G Thompson | The DANA Movement Ensemble | Lori Hepner and Kendra Ross | Anthony B. Mitchell Jr and Noel Quintana | Vatic Kuumba, Darrell Kinsel, and Anqwenique Wingfield | Maree ReMalia | Gigi Gatewood and Lillian Cho | Gladstone Deluxe and Samir Gangwani  | Kelsey Robinson and Di-Ay Battad | Trevor Miles and Julie Mallis | Vatic Kuumba, D.S. Kinsel & Anqwenique Wingfield | Anthony Mitchell Jr. and Noel Quintana | Philip Wesley-Gates & Jamison Edgar | Jameelah Platt & Lost Culture Dance Crew | Corrine Jasmine & Ru Emmons | Scott Andrew & Jesse Factor | Mita Ghosal & Sue Abramson | NaTasha Thompson & Petra Floyd | Lena Chen & Maggie Oates | Gia Fagnelli & Jordan Harris