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Freshworks: Andraya Rand-Mathis

KST Presents

Diving Within

Friday & Saturday, December 1 – 2, 2023

KST’s Alloy Studios | 5530 Penn Ave.
Pay What Moves You: $10 – $25


Diving Within centers interviews from members of the Black/African American community to reflect on the peaks and valleys of individuals’ healing process related to grief, heartbreak, and childhood trauma. Using dance, music, drag, performative storytelling, and audio from first person interviews with trans women, Andraya creates a safe space to feel, reflect, and converse about personal healing without judgment or pressure.

Photo Credit: Courtesy of Andraya Rand-Mathis


Freshworks: Pria Dahiya
You and Me and The End of the World

Friday & Saturday, October 6 – 7, 2023

KST’s Alloy Studios | 5530 Penn Ave.
Pay What Moves You: $10 – $25

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Andraya Rand-Mathis is a choreographer, dancer, and educator who was born and raised in the city of Pittsburgh. She has choreographed several musical productions, which have won Gene Kelly Awards for Best Choreography. Even though Andraya started their dance training at a late age, she is a  force to be reckoned with for her generation and future generations to come. Since hitting the dance scene a little over 8 years ago, Draya has had the opportunity to work with some amazing artists such as Greer Reed, Staycee Pearl, Kontara Morphis, and Anthony Williams.