Since 1914, the Kelly Strayhorn Theater (KST) building has remained an anchor for East Liberty as a place for the cultural arts and entertainment, and stands as one of the oldest Pittsburgh theaters.

Named after 20th century entertainment legends, Gene Kelly and Billy Strayhorn, KST is reflective of the passion that its founders had for the arts. Today, the theater carries on the legacy of its founders by fostering bold and innovative artistry with global perspective. The theater celebrates diversity in voice, thought, and expression, and upholds a firm commitment to inclusion. Furthermore, KST provides a safe and welcome space for dialogue and artistic expression for all who enter.

To continue to provide the presence of a viable performing arts center for East Liberty, KST’s Bridge to the Future Campaign is working to raise funds to:

  • Begin immediate┬árenovations to the theater lobby,
  • Prepare for the future of the organization;
  • And Build quality programming.

Your contribution and participation can sustain our vision for an inclusive and dynamic East Liberty. Thank you for your support!

I Want a Community That is Creative, Inclusive and Inspired!