Upcoming Events

  • KST Presents

    Thursday, December 3 | 11:59pm

    Marking This Moment In Time: Pittsburgh Artists in 2020

    Fellows will be artists whose work includes storytelling, image-gathering, documentary filmmaking, and other forms of documentation to produce formal work products.

  • KST Presents

    Saturday, December 5 | 3:00pm

    Edisa Weeks / DELIRIOUS Dances

    A Roots Party is an interactive making and conversation space, where people are invited to join multi-disciplinary artist Edisa Weeks in her journey of making 1,865 roots out of paper and twine.

  • KST Presents

    Saturday, December 12 | 3:00pm

    Drag Queen Story Time with Akasha L. Van Cartier and Leia Way LeStat

    Drag Queen Story Time is just what it sounds like—drag queens reading stories to children! Drag Queen Story Time with Pittsburgh’s own Akasha L. Van Cartier and Leia Way LeStat to share two stories along with songs and dances.

  • KST Presents

    Sunday, December 20 | 10:00am

    Fries Hold the Salad

    On Sunday, December 20, Fries Hold the Salad gets an update!  Melodic Excellence through and through, these voices will take you on a ride and drop you in your feelings.