Tickets & Events

  • KST Presents

    November 25 | 6pm VIP | 7pm General | 8pm Concert

    Suite Life: Billy Strayhorn Birthday Bash

    The 10th Annual Suite Life is a musical tribute to the life and legacy of KST namesake Billy Strayhorn. Raised in Homewood, the legendary pianist, arranger and composer studied music at an early age, then joined musical ensembles, performed on local radio and wrote music, before making an indelible mark in the world of jazz.

  • KST Presents

    December 1 | 9pm - Midnight

    Unblurred Dance Party – December

    On the first Friday of each month, people from all over the city come together on Penn Avenue for Unblurred meet artists and encounter works of photography, dance, painting, sculpture, music and spoken word.

  • KST Presents

    December 1 | 8pm

    Maree ReMalia / Gigi Gatewood / Lillian Cho

    Choreographer Maree ReMalia, video artist and photographer Gigi Gatewood and dance Lillian Cho employ their Fresh Works residency to forge a new collaborative project that blends movement, storytelling, live performance and visuals in ways in that convey a spectrum of experience, illuminate poignant moments and incite thoughtful humor.

  • KST Presents

    December 9 | 11a - 2pm

    Let’s Move! Family Dance Party

    Warm up the holiday season with a mid-day dance party to get the whole family moving.

  • KST Presents

    December 15 - 16 | 8pm

    slowdanger / MICHIYAYA Dance

    The culmination of a six-month, bi-city exchange, this evening of experimental and interdisciplinary dance performances explores our identities as constantly shifting states of being, of boundaries defined and refined by the spaces we inhabit.