KST Presents

  • KST Presents

    Wednesday, September 23

    Of Lungs and Leaves, Mita Ghosal & Sue Abramson

    Part of its KST Global Stream Digital Commissions Program, Kelly Strayhorn Theater presents Of Lungs and Leaves, a cross-disciplinary choreographic work employs movement and spoken language to tell literal and figurative stories. 

  • KST Presents

    Sunday, September 27

    Perfect Sun Days!

    On Sunday, September 27, Perfect Sun Days gets an update! Get ready for some new vibes to brighten your day from more of Pittsburgh’s up and coming music scene! 

  • KST Presents

    Sunday, October 4

    Little Plastic Castles

    On Sunday, October 4., Little Plastic Castles gets an update! Updates will feature the latest highlights from Pittsburgh LQBTQIA+ Music Artist.

  • KST Presents

    Sunday, October 25

    Pop N’ Soft Drinks

    On Sunday, October 25, Pop N’ Soft Drinks gets an update! Updates will feature the latest highlights from Hip-hop to Pop. Adding the dopest tunes you can pump on any road trip.

  • KST Presents

    Sunday, November 29

    KST x BLM x PGH

    On Sunday, November 29, KST X BLM X PGH gets an update! As the fight for social justice continues so does the need to showcase Pittsburgh artists who are creating music 

  • KST Presents

    Sunday, December 20

    Fries Hold the Salad

    On Sunday, December 20, Fries Hold the Salad gets an update!  Melodic Excellence through and through, these voices will take you on a ride and drop you in your feelings.