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The Alloy School: OPEN HOUSE

KST Presents

In participation of Remake Learning Days Across America!

Saturday, May 15, 9:00am – 12:15pm
Join us on Zoom!




The Alloy School: OPEN HOUSE is a one Saturday experience that will immerse dancers of all levels in the inspiring world of dance with fundamental techniques, creativity, and fun in a non-competitive environment. As we navigate new ways to connect during the pandemic, this is the perfect time to reconnect with how we express, celebrate, explore and transform through dance. Dancers will embody a sense of joy, clarity and community during the dance session.

We invite all participants to pick and choose from our range of classes at The Alloy School. Each class runs between 55 – 75 minutes including warm-up, choreography and creative movement. All classes will be held on Zoom until further notice. All participants should wear comfortable clothing that allows for stretching and free movement. 

The Alloy School is made possible with support from The Grable Foundation and is relaunched in collaboration with PearlArts as part of the PearlArts @ KST Mutual-Aid Residency. The Alloy School embraces an open learning environment for people of all races, sexualities, and gender expressions.

This event is in participation of Remake Learning Days Across America (RLDAA), a celebration of innovative experiences and opportunities for youth to develop their sense of creativity, perseverance and curiosity. Remake Learning Days is a festival of events hosted by a variety of organizations, such as schools, museums, libraries, after-school organizations, early child care centers, universities, media centers, tech startups and more.  These events are designed to be hands-on, relevant and engaging educational experiences for youth of all ages (pre-K through high school) and their families, caregivers and educators. The majority of events are free and open to kids of all ages. Read more here.

Alloy School, Ballet / Jazz (ages 3-6)

This class serves as a primer for our younger dancers interested in the classical forms. It includes a warm-up, basic ballet and jazz steps, center movement, simple choreography, and free dance time.

Ballet (ages 7-12)

This class teaches fundamentals of ballet, including terminology, technique, and proper placement. Classes cover movement combinations, center exercises and elements of floor work.

Hip-Hop (ages 7-12)

Hip hop is a high-energy class that combines the styles of breaking, popping, and locking. Classes will encourage students to step outside of the box by bringing their own individual style and personality to the movements.

Capoeira (Family Class, Multi Generational)

Capoeira is a Brazilian martial art disguised as a dance and performed to musical instruments and traditional Brazilian songs. Training Capoeira helps to enrich cultural perspective, and illustrates the importance of music, art, and movement in history and in social change.

Latin Styles (Family, Multi Generational)

Join KST in celebrating Latin American and Caribbean dances, music, and culture! Open to all levels and ages, families can share in the joys of embodying energizing rhythmic patterns and expression in this high energy movement class!

Alloy School, West African (Family Class, Multi Generational)

This class will guide you through the fundamentals of traditional West African dance, with an emphasis on drums and accompanying drum rhythms. Classes start with a warm-up, followed by a sequence of movements across the floor.

The Alloy School is a collaboration with PearlArts with support from The Grable Foundation as part of the PearlArts @ KST Mutual Aid Residency.