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Choreography Project 2017

KST Presents

Presented by Exhalations Dance Theatre

Sat/ August 26, 2017 | 8pm
Sun / August 27, 2017 | 3pm
Kelly Strayhorn Theater
5941 Penn Ave :: Map

Since Exhalations Dance Theatre was founded in 2009, we have always been focused on the power of interpretation. With dance, one can perceive the position of an individual; and allow that consciousness to make a universal statement beyond the boundaries of language. The Choreography Project, now in its sixth year, strives to continue to push the boundaries of individuality, interpretation, and the importance of the present moment. The Choreography Project 2017 gives our choreographers a chance to discover their voice and mold their perspective. Within this production the choreographers are free to pick music and themes that are significant to them personally, or ideas they feel are momentous in our culture at this time. Our dancers also are given the opportunity to work with new choreographers from other companies and backgrounds who allow them to grow and push their personal boundaries.

EDT was formed on these principles to create performing and choreography opportunities for both professional dancers, and for those pursuing other careers who still desire to express their art. We embody the theory that life should never hinder a true love of dance. All of our members have trained intensely throughout their career under various instructors throughout Pennsylvania and the country; this allows us to sincerely represent an accurate, yet diverse, look into the area’s ever-evolving dance community.