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Calliope House Presents: Guy Davis

KST Partner

with Ernie Hawkins & Raymond Morin

Saturday, April 29, 2023

Kelly Strayhorn Theater | 5941 Penn Ave.
Tickets: $41 / $21 (Student)


One of the most gifted acoustic musicians on the planet, Guy Davis mixes light and airy melodies with profound observations about life in a troubled world on his latest album, a tour de force follow-up to Sonny & Brownie’s Last Train, which earned him and his partner, Fabrizio Poggi, a 2017 Grammy nomination.

The son of Ozzie Davis and Ruby Dee — two of the brightest lights in the Civil Rights movement and foremost actors of their generation, Guy carries forward the songster tradition here, weaving together tunes that invoke images of prejudice, separation, tragedy, and discord in a manner that’s both subtle and moving in its simplicity without being overbearing – something a lesser artist would find impossible to achieve.

Photo Credit: Courtesy Calliope House