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  1. Perfect Sun Days!

    Get lost in the vibes of this eclectic playlist full of sweet beats, melodies and soft whimsical moments by some of the brightest Pittsburgh artists. Clara Kent digs into your feelings with her Neo-jazzed track “Souled”. The folky sounds of The Commonheart transports you to the mountains in Spain, sipping on coffee that has a splash of introspection and with “Heart Dance” by Mars Jackson, it does simply that, makes your heart and body dance. Stream this playlist to turn any day into Perfect Sun Days! (18 songs, 58 min)

  2. Little Plastic Castles


    Here’s your ultimate LQBTQIA+ driven playlist. These hits highlight Queer Pittsburgh artist and their real good music! This eclectic roster is full of Bops, unforgettable melodies, dance club beats, heart gutting tunes, folky guitars, Hip-Hop and more. #JustSayin’ (13 songs, 39 min)

  3. Pop N’ Soft Drinks

    Poppy tunes, driving fun beats and dope lyrics. This playlist is ready for your next road trip, backyard chill, or ambitious venture from your living-room to your kitchen. Let the jams of Samurai Velvet, LoRen, BBGuns, Mars Jackson, The Childlike Empress and so many more rock with you while you sit back Pop N’ Soft Drinks.



    “Nobody’s Free Until Everybody’s Free.” – Frannie Lou Hamer
    This playlist is all about (A)BLM. Track one, ” Enter the Blackness” by Jasiri X holds nothing back and lets you know exactly where you are. Be ready for the many dimensions and of Blackness and the multifaceted creativity of the Black community. Magic, Joy, Excellence, Pride, Power…Mattering in 17 tracks for 54 minutes.

  5. Rusted Root, KST Playlist

    American worldbeat rock band and Pittsburgh Native’s Rusted Root are the focus of this week’s playlist.

  6. Wiz Khalifa, KST Playlist

    Rapper, singer, songwriter, actor and Pittsburgh Native Wiz Khalifa is the focus of this week’s playlist.

  7. KST Playlist, Mac Miller

    Rapper, singer, songwriter, record producer and Pittsburgh Native Mac Miller is the focus of this week’s playlist.

  8. Gene Kelly, KST Playlist

    Actor, dancer, stage, and television, singer, choreographer, and KST Namesake Gene Kelly is the focus of this week’s playlist.

  9. Mary Lou Williams, KST Playlist

    Jazz vocalist and Pittsburgh icon, Mary Lou Williams is the focus of this week’s playlist.


  10. Roger Humphries, KST Playlist


    A Pittsburgh Native, a Jazz Legend, and KST Artist, Roger Humphries is the focus of this week’s Playlist. Enjoy this curated list of toe tapping, finger snapping tunes that showcase The RH Factor and Humphries’ incredible drumming.