Donate to Kelly Strayhorn Theater

Through arts and cultural events, KST fosters a dynamic, impassioned and engaged exchange between artists and audiences — connecting neighbors old and new with shared experiences and bold ideas. We make KST a place to gather and explore new visions. A place where we build our community, together.

When you give to KST, you support the artists who live and work in East Liberty
. Like internationally celebrated multidisciplinary dance-maker Bill Shannon, a KST artist-in-residence whose latest project has garnered national attention while still in development.

You support the arts of our time, which challenge us to connect to the issues we face, now. Artists like Sean Dorsey, whose performances reveal rich voices from the history of LGBTQ struggles. 

You support diverse programs for youth that foster the creativity and curiosity that shapes our future. Where instructors like Mario Quinn, a KST Penn Avenue Creative fellow and founder of Level Up Studios, engage generously and holistically.

Your gift to the Kelly Strayhorn Theater is a powerful investment in growing and sustaining our community.

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