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Synchonized with Soy Sos

KST Presents

Presented by PearlArts 

Wednesday, November 17 
8:00 pm

KST’s Alloy Studios | 5530 Penn Ave. 

Updated KST COVID-19 policies  


Join Soy Sos and musical guests for an intimate, immersive sound experience with modular synths, electronics, and a mix of traditional instruments! Using synchronization-based ensembles, Soy Sos collaborates with contemporary sound artists to create live, improvised sound-scapes as STAYCEE PEARL dance project & Soy Sos dancers move throughout the space. Come for the vibes, sound discussions, and dance.

Synchronized: with Soy Sos is in collaboration with Pittsburgh Modular Synthesizers and is presented as part of the PearlArts @ KST Mutual Aid Residency.


Herman Pearl (Soy Sos) is the head engineer and owner of Tuff Sound Recording, as well as the sound designer and co-artistic director of PearlArts Studios. Through PearlArts, Herman creates soundscapes to serve as a component to contemporary dance. As a sound designer, Herman’s repertoire includes a wide variety of projects and collaborators. His work has been featured in various independent films and documentaries, video games, and advertising. He has designed soundscapes for numerous choreographers. He has collaborated with many visual artists to create installations and touring exhibits. He has recorded and produced work for a plethora of recording artists across genres and techniques. Herman has performed, created, and recorded his own music for over 25 years.