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Sunstar Festival 2022

KST Presents

Womxn & Music

Kelly Strayhorn Theater puts Black Femmes at the center of this year’s Sunstar Festival celebrating Womxn & Music with two nights of performances created to feature and foster Black Femme musicians and their family of allied artists.

On both Friday, March 18 and Saturday, March 19, the lobby doors open at 6:00pm with performances beginning at 7:15pm and continuing throughout the night, featuring headliners Nairobi and Najj Andrea alongside local artists Diarra Imani, King JMP, The Childlike Empress, Savannah Shantell, DJ Femi, Juiced Up Joey, Dejah Monea, ICY PISCES fka DJ Aesthetics, A’leighsha, and Geña y Peña!

Pricing is Pay What Moves You, a sliding scale of accessible price points in order to truly welcome all to enjoy the arts. Tickets range from $20-35 for a single ticket or $35-50 for a two day festival pass! All now on sale at or can be purchased in person at the event.

Sunstar Festival 2022 is supported by Advancing Black Arts in Pittsburgh, a program of The Heinz Endowments and The Pittsburgh Foundation. 



with Special Guests 

Friday March 18, 2022
6:00pm – 10:00pm 

7:15pm King JMP (Jhordan Price)
7:30pm The Childlike Empress
8:05pm Savannah Shantell 
8:20pm Nairobi
9:00pm DJ Femi 
             Juiced Up Joey

Kelly Strayhorn Theater | 5941 Penn Ave
Pay What Moves You: $20-35 


Nairobi is a singer-songwriter, rapper, actress, poet, artist, director, teaching artist, visual artist, and activist from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. She is a member of 1hood Media, where she is blessed to use her art and empower others to use their voices, as she strongly represents her brand of “Individuality, Divinity, and Purpose.” She has earned numerous honors, including winning The August Wilson Monologue Competition and scholarship in 2016, being named Pennsylvania’s Most Valuable Person by the Bill Neal Foundation in 2018, and being honored by the Pittsburgh Public Schools during Black History Month for her work in art and activism. Photo Credit: Jacquea Mae

Najj Andrea
with special guests 

Saturday, March 19, 2022
6:00pm – 10:00pm 

7:15pm Diarra Imani
7:30pm Geña y Peña
8:05pm Dejah Monea 
8:20pm Najj Andrea 
9:00pm ICY PISCES fka DJ Aesthetics  

Kelly Strayhorn Theater | 5941 Penn Ave
Pay What Moves You: $20-35


Najj Andrea is a singer-songwriter from the East Side of Pittsburgh. They say music is the language of the soul, and Andrea writes music for people who wish they could put their feelings into words. Andrea always felt like an outcast in her younger years and never knew where to fit in, but music became her outlet and a way to express herself. Najj Andrea brings a fresh perspective to the music scene. Her sound is a powerful mix of heart, soul, and R&B with raw personal lyrics. The stories behind the music are the only competition for her elusive melodies. Photo Credit: Antonio Livingston 

A’leighsha Gibson is a singer songwriter from the south hills of Pittsburgh who goes by the name of “A’leighsha J”. Music has always been a passion of hers. She started writing music at the age of 6 years old and now preforms her music live for Atlantic Record’s A&R’s and has recorded music with Eric Coptic a Producer from Brooklyn. Gibson has hit the stage in Manhattan, Brooklyn, New Jersey, Miami and music festivals in Pittsburgh! She’s released 2 music videos and her music style is a cross between R&B and Soul music.


The Childlike Empress is a Black and Indigenous, queer and genderfluid multifaceted artist and sex worker creating dynamic work focusing on mental health, sexuality, eroticism, fluidity and healing from trauma. They grew up in NYC, but currently reside in Pittsburgh where they have been working on their music, visual art and many other creative projects. 



Dejah Monea was born in the small city of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania on March 30, 1999. She realized she has a voice at a late church service just at seven years old. A renowned preacher by the name of Michael Stampley prophesied a bright singing career over her life and ever since then she has been singing in all types of artistic outlets. Throughout her adolescence, she participated in plays, artistic development programs, performing arts institutions, etc that allowed her to express herself and remain disciplined in her craft. As her journey of finding her identity continues so does her style of music. She is a nonconformist and is unapologetic when it comes to her expression. Dejah simply hopes to make others feel. She is continuing in her journey and would love to share it with as many as possible.


Diarra Imani, a globally-renowned artist, educator, coach, and mentor, has work spanning across the world- from leading  sessions at the UK Embassy in Accra, Ghana to fulfilling the role of Emmy-nominated poet here in the States. Whether it is poetry or discussing the possibilities of a better tomorrow Diarra Imani has done the work. Her source of inspiration has largely sprung from her foundation – the hometown of Pittsburgh, music, art, and entrepreneurship. Join the journey and find reverie in her resonance and upcoming album, On Zen.


DJ Femi is an extremely talented multifarious DJ based in the city of Pittsburgh. Her DJ career started 15 years ago when she attended a local performing arts school, CAPA. Femi is one of the most popular DJs in the City of Pittsburgh. As she represents for all of the women in the music industry. She continues to stand for women in the entertainment industry as well as women worldwide. She is a beacon of light in the night life and a prime example that women can be great DJ’s too.


Geña y Peña play Latin American songs of love and life, music that will take you to Latin America and the Caribbean. This sublime duet is comprised of Puerto Rico-born Geña on vocals and percussion, and Colombian-American Carlos Peña on guitar. Since 2007, they have been playing boleros, montunos, bombas, plenas and soul. Their sound captures the sweet and clear, the romantic and sultry, the beautiful and lively songs of yesterday.


ICY PISCES fka Deejay Aesthetics a.k.a Tresa Murphy Green is a young, dynamic, multidisciplinary artist and cultural curator. Creative, visionary and thinker Tresa Murphy Green poet, deejay, self taught artisan and organizer makes an intentional step to center the voices, perspectives and lives of black women and femmes in all forms of their work.



Juiced Up Joey is a singer and songwriter specializing in Hip-Hop and R&B. Follow them on Instagram@_juicedupjoey.





Jhordan Price also known as King JMP is a 18 year old local artist. She is currently a first year student at Penn State Main. Jhordan writes as an outlet making her work authentic to her personal experience. Sharing the art she created is important to her because she hopes that it can impact people who can relate to some of the messages. Her goal is to stay positive much like Price herself. She is currently working on the release of her very first EP titled Blue Light Diaries projected to release late summer 2022. 


Savannah Shantell, born in the Steel City, is 24 years old and has been singing since the age of 6. She started in church and has done everything from performing at First Night Pittsburgh for New Years Eve, to Performing on the Benedum stage for the musical “Dreamgirls“ to writing her very first single called “Shattered” Which is on all platforms. Her inspirations are the likes of Jazmine Sullivan, Whitney Houston, and Bruno Mars just to name a few. Savanna’s career is definitely one to follow. To find out more follow her on @SavannahShantell on all social media platforms!