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Sunstar Festival

KST Presents

Women & Music 

Curated in partnership with the SCALE Fellowship Program

Saturday, March 18

Kelly Strayhorn Theater | 5941 Penn Ave.
Pay What Moves You: $15 – $35


Since 2009, Sunstar Festival has highlighted the power, diversity, and creativity of BIPOC women in music. For 2023 KST collaborates with the SCALE Fellowship a program of the Equity | Impact Center and Limelight Creative to curate a musically diverse evening that celebrates women and femmes across gender expressions and identities. Full details to be announced in early 2023! 

Image Credit: Mark Simpson


Shamel Pitts | TRIBE 
BLACK HOLE: Trilogy And Triathlon

Friday & Saturday, April 14* – 15
*Post Performance Discussion with Alisha Wormsley

Kelly Strayhorn Theater | 5941 Penn Ave.
Pay What Moves You: $25 – $40

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The Equity | Impact Center addresses systemic inequity through broad social, cultural, and economic solutions and comprehensive, intentionally designed initiatives. We provide capacity-building, leadership development, and organizational development support to advance social justice missions through programs and initiatives that address systemic inequity. The Equity | Impact Center understands that social justice and nonprofit organizations have a commitment to meet their mission in order to address the inequities that exist in our society but must operate and fully function as other institutions do. Because systemic inequity impacts people across communities, identities, and areas of work, we intend to provide the necessary learning, tools, resources, space and strategies to support, advance, and sustain this work.

The SCALE Fellowship was designed by Leigh Solomon Pugliano in 2019 to provide individualized artist development, entrepreneurial skill-building curriculum, and intentional opportunities for Black women in music to connect, share, learn, grow, and collaborate. Each cohort will accepts up to 8 participants for the 8-month program and provides Fellows with a financial award along with additional funds for: equipment, technology, business development, recording, branding, and legal support. SCALE will support Black women in music in designing business strategies along with space to create, produce, and present their work. The program provides resources (knowledge, network, financial) as well as the support needed to develop a sustainable career and overcome the challenges that exist for Black artists. The SCALE Fellowship intends to:

  • create an affirmative space for Black women in music to connect
  • provide financial support to Black women in music
  • provide a platform to showcase Black women in music
  • provide entrepreneurial skill-building tools and resources to Black women in music
  • support the development of an equity-centered, inclusive, and elevating music ecosystem for emerging artists

Limelight Studios combines a creative coworking space, rehearsal studios, and a digital online community designed for the music making sector. Limelight integrates the benefits of a community with business and artist development resources. 

The goals of Limelight Creative are:

  • to build the local music ecosystem
  • to connect all aspects of the music making sector
  • to connect local artists with national artists
  • provide a space allowing for collaboration and building partnerships
  • Provide and affirming space for artists to showcase their work
  • support entrepreneurial growth through expert led workshops and presentations