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Philippine-American Performing Arts :: Halo-halo

KST Presents

Saturday, September 22, 2018
4pm / Kelly Strayhorn Theater
5941 Penn Ave

Co-Presented with Philippine-American Performing Arts
With its influences of Spanish, Muslim, and cultures indigenous to the archipelago, this evening of dance and music is a celebration of Filipino arts. “Halo-halo” means “mix-mix,” and this program hosts more than 40 dancers, musicians and singers performing a variety of dances that preserve and propagate folk traditions—while showing them in a totally different light.

In more than a dozen works, Halo-Halo shares inspiring traditional practices alongside new hybridized forms, including the famous Tinikling pole-jumping dance, Banga, with dancers balancing clay pots atop their heads; Pangalay, performed perilously on bamboo poles; and Sayaw sa Banko, with ever-growing towers of narrow wooden benches.

Philippine-American Performing Arts is a resident company of KST’s Alloy Studios.