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Livefromthecity, Finding Your Sound

KST Presents

Saturday, January 22, 2022
2:00pm – 3:00pm

KST’s Alloy Studios | 5530 Penn Ave.
Pay What Moves You: $10-25

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There are so many ways to achieve success in the music industry. From concerts to record sales and TikTok, one key component remains – the music. This workshop will explore finding your unique sound in today’s ever-growing and fast-paced industry. Livefromthecity will lead activities to help participants focus on creative strengths and offer feedback on works-in-progress. He’ll also share some of his personal insights on how to make space for your original sound amongst the current landscape. Share your vision, lift your voice, and find your sound!

Jordan Howard, (aka Livefromthecity) is a hip-hop songwriter, producer, studio engineer, and part-time arts educator located in Pittsburgh, PA. Howard is the co-founder of Pittsburgh’s “Sun Fest”, an annual hip-hop festival that features some of the city’s best in hip-hop talent, and is hand-curated and produced by Howard himself. Through his work on “Sun Fest”, Howard has received more opportunities to produce concerts including “The Glow Up” in collaboration with Max Gonzalez, and “School House Rock!” with Community Forge. His most notable work has been with 1Hood Media, where he served as a teaching artist for 3 years and a brief stint as creative director. It was through 1Hood, that Howard gained a deep passion for working with young creatives, and an even deeper passion for hip-hop. “1Hood Media elevated my career to another level, and helped me discover my purpose beyond music; community empowerment.” Howard is known for his cultivation of the modern-day Pittsburgh hip-hop scene through his extensive catalog of material and his high level of stage performance over the years. He has been highlighted in publications such as Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, Pittsburgh City Paper, and Jenesis Magazine as a stand out artist in the city. He has led songwriting workshops locally, and nationally as a member of 1Hood Media including Allied Media Conference in Detroit, as well as Shuman Detention Center in Pittsburgh.