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East Liberty Community Art Project


For nearly ten years, the Kelly Strayhorn Theater has commissioned and presented ambitious contemporary performing arts art projects. Hybrid projects blurring genre lines, aesthetics and culture with artists from Pittsburgh, across the country, and around the world. We are taking this approach to our newest endeavor. KST executive director, janera solomon talks about the project in this recent article. 

Most importantly, our commitment is to bold artist voices. We are celebrated for the innovative and meaningful projects we have launched, from our residency and commissioning program that presented new work from artists, Kyle Abraham, Jaamil Olawale Kosoko, or Suli Holum; initiatives to support local to our international commissioning and presenting program, World Stage; and our recent place-keeping initiatives: Penn Avenue Creative and Futuremaker Labs, and much more.

In a changing community, KST is a cultural connector, a bridge-builder to make residents, more than neighbors – to make them friends.


It is for community that the Kelly Strayhorn Theater seized upon the opportunity to partner with Alphabet City, a real-estate development company committed to the neighborhood’s economic and cultural vibrancy, in establishing The East Liberty Community Arts Fund.

The East Liberty Community Arts Fund brings us together through public arts projects that reflect our community’s shared soul of a neighborhood steeped in history and rich in culture.

KST, through the East Liberty Community Arts Fund, will be the convener and leading presenter for ambitious public arts projects that garner critical local and national acclaim.

The Artists: Selected from countless submissions, based on quality, accessibility, durability and relevance to the neighborhood.

Deavron Dailey

Bob Ziller

Contributions to the East Liberty Community Arts Fund

KST has established the East Liberty Community Arts Fund to foster creativity through the ongoing commissioning of new works for our community and to maintain existing works that become part of the fabric and heritage of our neighborhood.

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