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Kelly Strayhorn Theater and Carnegie Museum of Art are pleased to announce KEYWORD: INTERNATIONAL, a collaborative initiative to creatively define Pittsburgh as an international city at this moment in time. The initiative will support three interrelated activities: research, a public symposium, and a publication.

KEYWORD: INTERNATIONAL is a small investment in big thinking. It is designed for Pittsburgh’s arts activators to spark a public conversation — one that shifts or expands the local narrative. This initiative supports the people who are activating art in Pittsburgh; affirms the investment arts activators make through their ideas; shows how multifaceted, hardworking, and aspirational we are at precisely the moment when Pittsburgh is growing with the intention of attracting more creative people.


KEYWORD:INTERNATIONAL supports three interrelated activities.


Twenty small research grants of $1,500 each are available for arts activators to envision how the term “international” relates to their project, program, and/or organization. For the purposes of this grant, an arts activator is someone who conceives, organizes, and delivers programs to an audience. An individual artist may apply if their project provides a public platform for engaging an audience through programs.

Proposal: In 250 words or less, frame your research question. How will you research the keyword “international”? What is the relevance of your research to your project/program/organization? Keep in mind an appropriate scope of research. What can you do within a 5-month period with $1,500?

Criteria: This is a call for open-ended, research-based, creative responses that look at how an arts program can connect its mission to ideas, communities, and urgent conversations. Key criteria will be the imaginative potential of the research and the practical scope of the proposal.



Review: A review panel including three community members will meet to read the proposals and award the grants. Results will be announced in April 2018, and awardees will be brought together to meet and share their research topics.


On October 20, 2018, participants will reconvene to interpret and present their findings at a daylong public symposium. What form these short lively presentations take is open to discovery: maps, manifestos, slideshows, poetry, performance. Successful research often leads to the unexpected. The symposium will be free and open to the public.


A commissioned text will reflect on the research, the presentations, and the conversation that follows. This text will investigate the meaning of the word “international” for the contemporary art world and be published in the 2018 Carnegie International catalogue. Pittsburgh’s own case-study will be a bold and relevant contribution.


January 18, 2018
KEYWORD: INTERNATIONAL community congress and call for applications
Kelly Strayhorn Theater’s Alloy Studios

February 28, 2018
Applications due

April 2018
Grant Awardees Announced

October 20, 2018
KEYWORD: INTERNATIONAL congress and public symposium

Spring 2019
Publication launch: 2018 Carnegie International Catalogue 


KEYWORD: INTERNATIONAL is a Pittsburgh survey initiated by Kelly Strayhorn Theater and Carnegie Museum of Art.

KEYWORDINTERNATIONAL is generously supported by The Benter Foundation and The Fine Foundation