DeVaughn talks about REIGN

The Alumni Theater Company is back at the Kelly Strayhorn Theater to premiere it’s newest and original work REIGN as part of the annual I AM ARTIST performance series. KST sat down with ATC member DeVaughn to discuss his role in REIGN. DeVaughn is not only a playwright, director, and actor, but in his spare time, a 9th grader. He’s been a member of the Alumni Theater Company since its inception in 2008.

KST: DeVaughn, how did you become a member of ATC?

DeVaughn: After doing The Wiz as a reunion of alumni from the Urban League of Greater Pittsburgh Charter School we all clicked and brought things together and just rolled with it.

KST: You’ve done many projects with ATC and now you’re the director of the latest project. What inspired you to create REIGN?

DeVaughn: There was really no pure inspiration for it or a moment that I can say it came about. It sort of came. The story just formed naturally and melded together with everyone creating their own characters.

KST: For this project, ATC members worked with Hip Hop on L.O.C.K. to write and produce an original full length CD. Talk about that experience.

DeVaughn: It was a life changing experience. Not only to be there but to find the passion that I have for creating music. I had to create my own music like everyone in the cast because I’m also starring in it. It’s a moment in my artistic career I’m glad I had an opportunity to do.

KST: DeVaughn, we know you juggle several projects at once so let us know what else you’re working and what you’d like to do in the future.

DeVaughn: Well, my future plans are to continue on the journey God has set for me. I’d like to work on various projects. I’m in the Brothers Grimm Spectacular at Winchester Thurston. Also, in the talks of performing in and directing a dance show. What I hope to continue to do, is get more experience in the Arts period.

KST: Thanks so much for talking with us! We’ll see you in REIGN this weekend at the Kelly Strayhorn Theater.

I Am Artist is an annual performance series presented by the Kelly Strayhorn Theater focusing on creating work that is relevant to the current generation of teenagers. Through the creation of this work, Alumni Theater Company members are challenged to work as artists, continually seeing the world from their own unique artistic perspective, then bringing those ideas and observations to the table for the purpose of artistic collaboration. ATC members respect and appreciate all ideas that are presented and collectively build on these ideas to develop performances that speak to their generation.

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