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Our Flexible Ticket Pricing Will Make You Smile

We’ve done away with fixed ticket prices for KST Presents events for the Fall 2015 season!*

KST Presents exists through the generosity of so many artists, foundations, individuals and audience members. Each freely invests in bringing these experiences to life. That’s why letting you name your ticket price just makes sense.

Pay What Makes You Happy

We know you can’t put a price on the experience of live art. And ticket prices are simply a gesture toward the real cost of presenting a performance. So we put the power in your hands, to choose a suggested price that you feel good about—or to name your own.

We know you value what we do, and that you love the spirit of participation that has always been a part of KST.

Buying a ticket should feel good!

Here’s How

  • Browse our upcoming events or call the KST Box Office.
  • For each event there are suggested giving levels.
  • Select the one that makes you happiest.
  • Or fill in your own amount.
  • From $1 to $100, every act of giving
    makes us happy, too!

Reserve your tickets in advance—it’s a great way to let us know how excited you are about the artists coming to KST.

Call 412.363.3000
Visit kelly-strayhorn.org/events

*Not valid for Suite Life, Full Bloom, or other special events.