KST 2018 – 2020 Strategic Plan | A Bridge to the Future


Our 2017 – 2018 season celebrates ten years of Kelly Strayhorn Theater’s transformation, from sleepy rental venue to dynamic presenter with unique and distinct original programming—and we are proud to celebrate!

In 2008, we set out to enliven the historic theater and the Penn Avenue Business District with new programs. And, we have come a long way successfully completing two strategic plans, to move the organization steadily forward.

Today, our charge is clear: we will be the organization that through art brings diverse communities together in mutual respect and enjoyment—creating meaningful understanding and diverse communities.

This strategic plan has been informed by our community visioning process, Imagining a New Future: A Series of Community Conversations conducted by KST in 2015 – 2016.

The pages that follow outline the important elements of our strategic plan including IMAGINING A NEW FUTURE, the community process that informed us as we began the process. We hope that as you review our plans, you’ll be inspired to join us in our efforts to thrive as we remain committed to our mission—to be a catalyst for creative expression in ways that bring our uniquely diverse community together.

As a stakeholder, your support and commitment to a diverse and inclusive arts community shines brightly—alive in the careers of performing artists we present; alive in the hearts of audiences enriched by theater, dance, and music; and alive in the cultural life and the vibrancy of our neighborhood.

Your investments are met with thoughtful strategic planning that responds to the needs of our community and our established expectations for sustainability and vitality of the organization. We will continue to bring communities together for shared and valued experiences.

Thank you for your enthusiastic support and generosity, and for making a difference in your community. As you’ll discover in our strategic plan, you’ve made it possible for the arts and culture to accelerate the transformation of East Liberty.


KST Strategic Plan 2018 – 2020