Artist Profiles

Bill Shannon

Medium: Dance

billshannonBill Shannon is a conceptual, interdisciplinary dance and media artist who creates both solo and group projects. His work is rooted in street culture and informed by the fine arts. Shannon is widely recognized in the dance and performance art world, the underground hip-hop and club dance scene, the urban arts movement, as well as the disabled artist community.

Shannon remains deeply involved in the urban underground dance world and also is very active as a street performer and busker employing contemporary and classic clowning, street provocateur interactions and slapstick humor. Recent major focus of Shannon’s work has been on bringing dance and movement to audiences as site-specific video installations.

Shannon is currently artist in residence at Kelly Strayhorn Theater for 2015 and is also planning a dance workshop residency project with ITENY arts in NYC. Shannon’s current projects include writing and illustrating a tongue in cheek instructional book titled A Practical Guide to Skateboarding With Crutches. while speaking and performing around the world. Lastly but not leastly Bill Shannon is the father of three wonderful children and spends his spare time teaching and growing with them.